Over the last nine years, our cannabis lawyers have set up and incorporated over 1000 cannabis businesses in California, including cannabis retailers (both storefront and delivery), cultivators, manufacturers, distributors and testing labs. We provide legal consultations, cannabis business licensing and incorporation services, including nonprofit mutual benefit incorporations.

Attorney Nassiri helped his clients obtain a dispensary license from the City of Moreno Valley
Attorney Nassiri helped his clients obtain a dispensary license from the City of Moreno Valley

Our attorneys also prepare and file marijuana business license applications for our clients with cities, counties and the State of California. To date, our firm has filed several business license applications for clients including medical and adult use cannabis dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution licenses. We have obtained licenses in Baldwin Park (Cultivation, Manufacturing and Distribution) and Moreno Valley (storefront retail) and are in the review stage for applications filed in Long Beach, City of Commerce and Maywood (testing license). We can also represent your business in filing for a city and/or or state marijuana business license and/or Conditional Use Permit ("CUP") under the new California State law, ("MAUCRSA").

Our law firm regularly consults clients regarding the new California laws, including the Medical Marijuana Regulation Safety Act. In addition, our Los Angeles marijuana attorneys have represented dozens of cannabis businesses in civil lawsuits , administrative hearings and appeals in various cities, including Los Angeles, Riverside County, Anaheim, Lake Forest, Hesperia, San Bernardino, Santa Fe Springs and La Habra . Our law firm prides itself on being on the cutting edge of the medical marijuana industry and also on being available to help our clients try to figure out the ever-changing cannabis laws, including state and local licensing issues.

WATCH VIDEO NOW Video How To Start Your Own Medical Marijuana Collective, 1 hour, $99
In this video, marijuana attorney Damian Nassiri will explain how to start and run your medical marijuana business in compliance with current state law as of 2017. This video applies to those who want to start a storefront, delivery, grow or manufacturing business. Nassiri covers the paperwork needed to be in compliance with CA state law, the taxes that need to be paid and how much marijuana you can grow, transport, process or distribute. A global ticket will get you all of the videos, including all recent updates.

CANNABIS LAW GROUP is a law firm comprised of experienced attorneys dedicated to the rights of medical marijuana patients, collectives, doctors and growers. We provide a variety of medical marijuana related services to our clients. Our attorneys have experience incorporating medical marijuana collectives and growers. We also provide legal and business consulting services to our existing clients to ensure that they stay in compliance with California law.

Our Los Angeles marijuana lawyers currently represent medical marijuana collectives in civil litigation against local cities that are attempting to close its dispensaries and deprive its citizens of safe access to legal medical marijuana.

Our firm also provides legal representation for our clients who may be facing criminal prosecution for various state and federal drug related charges.


If you are considering forming a non-profit medical marijuana collective or if you are in need of our legal and/or business consulting services, we are ready and available to assist you. Cannabis Law Group is proud to have been involved on that case. You can read the ruling in our companion case "City of Lake Forest v. Lake Forest Wellness Center and Collective", by clicking here.
Press Release: Cannabis Law Group Stops Eviction of Medical Marijuana Collective In City of Santa Fe Springs View the Court's order here

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The video consultation is over an hour long and Mr. Nassiri presents you with all of the same information that is presented at his live consultation - specifically, how to start and run a medical marijuana collective in compliance with California laws. You can watch the video consultation now for only $99. If you still have questions after you watch the video, you can have a half hour phone consultation with Los Angeles marijuana attorney Damian Nassiri for $150.

CANNABIS LAW GROUP Fights For Medical Marijuana Collective's Constitutional Rights:

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