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CANNABIS LAW GROUP is a law firm dedicated to the rights of medical marijuana patients, collectives and growers. We have consulted and represented many collectives, growers, patients, and doctors regarding California’s medical marijuana laws.

Business Licensing

We provide experienced legal counsel to assist medical marijuana collectives with everything from forming their non-profit organization to complying with state and federal laws that govern non-profits. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in California’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry. We also provide legal representation to our clients who may be facing state or federal criminal drug charges as well.

Unlike most medical marijuana attorneys who are career criminal defense and family law attorneys turned civil attorney, our firm is set up to provide its clients with an experienced civil attorney to handle civil lawsuits and skilled criminal defense attorneys to handle criminal matters. We believe that having the right attorney to handle your specific problem is essential to providing you with customized and effective legal representation.

Call us now to find out more about how we may be able to assist you at 949-375-4734.

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