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CANNABIS LAW GROUP is a law firm dedicated to the rights of medical marijuana patients, collectives and growers. We have consulted and represented many collectives, growers, patients, and doctors regarding California’s medical marijuana laws.

As you may or may not be aware, several cities in California have recently filed civil lawsuits against its medical marijuana collectives in an attempt to stop them from doing business and to eliminate safe access to medical marijuana for its citizens who can legally use it. The cities are alleging various violations of the law ranging from public nuisance to illegal operation of a business.

We believe that other cities will attempt to shut down collectives using the same strategy. We currently consult with and represent many collectives in Southern California who are facing harassing lawsuits by the city where our clients do business. Our attorneys will aggressively defend you so that you can remain open for business.

If your city decides to file suit against you and/or your collective, we at CANNABIS LAW GROUP would like the opportunity to defend you in any civil action the city may bring against you. Our attorneys believe in you and your patient’s right to safe access. Do not pack up and leave: it is time to fight against what may be an unconstitutional attempt to shut down your collective.

We can represent you in your fight to keep your collective doors open. Now is the time to start thinking about how you will defend yourself. If the City serves you with a complaint, you have only 30 days to respond, so do not delay.

We can present you with a cost effective way to deal with any civil action filed against your collective. It is time to lawyer up and fight for your right to provide safe access to legal medical marijuana. Call CANNABIS LAW GROUP today at 949-375-4734. It is the most important call you will make!

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