Eviction Defense

If you are being evicted, you must know that in unlawful detainer cases, deadlines move very fast and if you don’t act quickly, you could be out on the streets before you know it.

If you landlord has served your collective with a 3 day or Quit notice or an “Unlawful Detainer” (Eviction Lawsuit), then call the medical marijuana defense lawyers of CANNABIS LAW GROUP today at 949-375-4734. Don’t get evicted. Don’t let your landlord smoke you out - Call Us Now because the clock is ticking.

Deadlines move quickly in unlawful detainer actions and you need an experienced attorney who knows what they are doing and one who can act fast. Remember, you only have 5 days to respond to an “unlawful detainer”. If you do not retain counsel quickly, you will get steam rolled by an experienced landlord attorney. Our Medical Marijuana defense lawyers have experience defending unlawful detainer actions. We know how to protect your rights and fight to keep your lease. Always have your landlord put "medical marijuana" in the lease. If you have medical marijuana as the agreed upon use in your lease, it makes it more difficult for the landlord to evict you. Call us now if you landlord is trying to evict your collective. You could lose certain rights if you don't act quickly. For example, if the landlord's attorney is experienced, they will file paperwork quickly to lock you into a "bench" or judge trial as opposed to a jury trial. The landlord’s attorney may also try to take advantage of the court system and railroad you out of the house. You have rights. Landlords all over Southern California are serving their dispensary tenants with "3 day or Quit Notices" in an effort to bully the collectives into closing down. Many of these landlords are also filing "Unlawful Detainer" Eviction cases against their collectives in an effort to shut the collectives down. What's worse is that many of these wimpy landlords are only doing this because the City is pressuring them to do their dirty work for them. Don't be the victim of a greedy slum lord, you have rights.

If your landlord is trying to evict you, call us today at 949-375-4734. We are currently representing collectives who are fighting back against their landlords in an effort to keep their location. If you are current on your rent and not it default, you have rights. If your landlord knew you were leasing the location for a collective, you may have additional rights, especially if the landlord put "medical marijuana" in the lease agreement.

Cities around the state are trying to get the collective's landlords to evict their tenants through an "Unlawful Detainer", or eviction lawsuit. Your landlord will likely put pressure on you to terminate the lease and move, claiming that your activity is in violation of the lease agreement and the City's municipal code. However, you have rights and CANNABIS LAW GROUP is here to enforce them. We are here to fight or you so that you don't have to move if you are not legally required to do so. Remember, your landlord can only evict you if they prove you are in violation of the law. If you have received a warning letter from the city or if your landlord is now pressuring you to leave, please call CANNABIS LAW GROUP at 949-375-4734 to learn about your legal rights and possible remedies.

Also remember that if your landlord serves you with the eviction paperwork, you only have 5 days to respond in court. CANNABIS LAW GROUP as we have much experience in defending eviction proceedings. We may be successful in having the eviction proceeding stayed, or temporarily stopped, while the Court determines your rights. Get Legal, Call Now! Call 949-375-4734.

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