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At Cannabis Law Group, our Los Angeles marijuana lawyers can provide cannabis expert witness services to support the civil prosecution or defense of cannabis business litigation cases in Southern California. Our founding partner, Damian J. Nassiri, serves as general legal counsel to over 100 medical marijuana collectives. He has helped several collectives run dispensaries in compliance with the Compassionate Use Act (CUA), the Medical Marijuana Program Act (MMPA), and other California laws and guidelines. He has also represented collectives in civil litigation against cities and municipalities in connection with constitutional law, zoning, and land use concerns.

In addition to representing clients in both the civil and Criminal Courts, Mr. Nassiri has also testified in court on behalf of his clients who are facing marijuana criminal charges. Mr. Nassiri is available to testify in court proceedings and has experience in testifying as to local and State medical marijuana laws as well as presenting evidence as too the collective's legal qualifications and compliance under state law.

Under California law, a cannabis expert witness may testify on matters that a layperson would not necessarily be able to understand without assistance. Cannabis laws are developing quickly, and they are quite complicated and difficult to understand, particularly with regard to how they intersect with other state and local laws. We can provide expert witness services in connection with licensing issues, permit disputes with municipalities, business litigation, and criminal defense matters.

Licensing Issues

Certain cities and counties allow licensing for collectives and dispensaries. The area of licensing is expanding with the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), which provides a statewide comprehensive licensing framework that includes 17 licenses. Businesses that have been operating and that have complied with any current licensing rules will have priority when licenses are issued under MMRSA.

Under the new licensing framework set forth in MMRSA, licenses will be effective for a single year, at which time the license holder must renew the license to continue with the activities authorized by it. We can provide expert testimony about local licenses and compliance with local licenses in Southern California, and we can also provide testimony about the developing area of licensing under MMRSA.

Permit Disputes with Municipalities

If you are operating a cannabis business, it is important to stay compliant with local rules. Many cities, including Los Angeles, have passed ordinances banning adult use and medical marijuana collectives and dispensaries. Prospective license applicants under MMRSA should apply to the state Board of Equalization for a Resale Permit and also seek approval from the municipality in which they operate. Our firm can provide cannabis expert witness testimony should you enter into a permit dispute with a municipality.

Business Litigation

Cannabis business disputes are becoming more common. Many cases will develop into litigation and will require a cannabis expert witness. We can provide expert testimony regarding breach of contract disputes, partnership disputes, and leasing disputes among those involved in the medical marijuana industry, including collectives and dispensaries.

Criminal Defense

We have represented dispensaries and collectives in connection with prosecution for violating drug laws in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. We can provide cannabis expert witness testimony regarding medical and adult use marijuana laws as well as MMRSA.

Enlist a Los Angeles Lawyer as a Medical Marijuana Expert

The Los Angeles cannabis attorneys at the Cannabis Law Group have followed this rapidly evolving area of law for years, helping numerous collectives and dispensaries in Southern California. We can provide your attorney or you with cannabis expert witness services in cities such as Moreno Valley, Indio, Corona, Laguna Niguel, Tustin, Newport Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, Long Beach, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, Hollywood, Burbank, and Beverly Hills. Call us at 949-375-4734 or use our online form to set up a consultation with a cannabis attorney.

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