Group Workshop Consultations

In addition to our individual attorney medical marijuana collective consultations, CANNABIS LAW GROUP offers group consultations where you meet with one of our attorneys in a group. You may call our office now at 714-937-2050 to set up an individual consultation or to get more information on our workshops. We offer the group consultations on the last Tuesday and Thursday of every month. Please be advised that there is a waiting list for these medical cannabis legal workshops.

The group workshops cover the same material and provide the same thorough legal analysis as the individual consultations, except you are in a type setting rather than a one on one consultation with the attorney. Typical topics covered will be relevant federal, state and local marijuana laws as well as California case law relating to medical marijuana collectives, grower's, and patients. In addition, we discuss such things as collective incorporation and business license requirements as well as other related issues. There will be a question and answer period during the group consultations so you will get to ask your questions directly to our medical marijuana attorneys.

Please fill out the contact form below if you would like to be on the waiting list and receive more information about our group consultations.

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