Hemp Licensing

Our hemp license lawyers can help you obtain your hemp license to cultivate and harvest hemp. At Cannabis Law Group, we believe Hemp is the next big thing in the cannabis industry and we have been helping various clients understand the hemp laws and obtain their hemp licenses. Continue reading below for hemp cultivation licenses. However, if you are an industrial hemp manufacturer, click here for information regarding the new "Industrial Hemp Enrollment and Oversight (IHEO) Authorization". Our hemp lawyers can help you obtain your license to manufacture industrial hemp products and extracts.

We typically meet with our clients to consult with them regarding the hemp laws to answer any of their questions and explain the hemp licensing process. In California, one must first locate a property in a county or city that is offering hemp licenses, and then our hemp attorneys can file all the paperwork that is required. We can help you determine if your property is in the right zone and file for a zoning certification letter if your county requires a zoning certification letter as a requirement to obtaining your hemp license. We have helped clients obtain hemp licenses in Riverside County and San Bernardino County, among others. We can even help you apply for a hemp license if your property is located in another state that has legalized hemp cultivation.

In California, our attorneys help our clients obtain their FBI background checks, which is another requirement for obtaining a hemp license. We then file the necessary documents with the County Department of Agriculture and handle all the correspondence with the County, City and/or Stage Hemp licensing agencies. We also provide the mapping requirements that are typically required for the hemp license.

Our hemp license lawyers correspond with the county agriculture commissioner’s office as well as the city and/or county building and planning departments. Many of our clients consult with us prior to purchasing or leasing their property for the hemp license. We can confirm zoning with the city and/or county and also can obtain an address for your property if all you have is an APN number. We work with the planning department in your city or county to ensure that you have all the proper permits for cultivating hemp. More and more clients are buying property in rural areas and running successful hemp cultivation operations.

In addition to the above services, we also help clients locate licensed hemp seed farms or hemp “cultivars” as this is often a requirement for obtaining your hemp license. During the hemp consultation, attorney Damian Nassiri will explain further regarding the details of the hemp laws and hemp license requirements.

We typically advise that if you are applying for a hemp license that you have a clean criminal record as the state requires an FBI background check, which we can help you with as well.

If you are considering applying for a hemp license, call our hemp license lawyers today for more information our services and fees at 949-375-4734. Our office is in Newport Beach, California and our cannabis and hemp lawyers have been representing the cannabis industry since 2009. We have obtained many cannabis and hemp licenses and are here to help you obtain your hemp cultivation license.

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