How To Start A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Start Your Own Medical Marijuana Business with our "Do-It-Yourself" Collective Start Up Kit.

The Kit can be used to start and run a collective, dispensary, grow, delivery, edible or concentrate business. This "Do-It-Yourself" Package is only $1,500

To Pay for the "Do-It-Yourself" package, simply click on the "DIRECT PAYMENT" link to the right, and then enter your credit card information. Please also list "do it yourself" in the reference box.

You can pay half up front to get started if you would like and the other $750 when the documents come back in about 10 to 14 days. You will then receive an email with further instructions - you will need a name for the business as well as an address.

Don’t waste your money on an imitation, get the real deal from Cannabis Law Group’s founding partner, medical marijuana lawyer Damian Nassiri, Esq.

Cannabis Law Group’s “Start Your Own Collective” is a Do It Yourself Kit that contains everything you need to start and run your own medical marijuana collective. We give you all the documents to form the nonprofit mutual benefit corporation and all the documents for use in the day to day operation of your collective, designed in order to help you run your collective in compliance with the available laws.

The “Start Your Own Collective Kit” has been prepared by Damian Nassiri, Esq., Managing Partner of Cannabis Law Group and is updated at times to comply with new or changing medical marijuana laws.

Cannabis Law Group’s “Start Your Own Collective Kit” is the real deal. The Kit contains all the documents and information our law firm normally provides to our medical marijuana collective clients who retain us for our Full Package Incorporation Kit . The only difference is that our attorneys do not personally meet with you for our initial medical marijuana collective consultation and our attorneys also do not personally meet with you for your initial Board of Directors meeting, where we would normally appoint the initial officers and directors of the corporation. However, you get all the same paperwork. Our attorneys will prepare the documents in your “Start Your Own Collective Kit” and will appoint the officers and directors, the only difference is that you do not meet with us personally for two meetings (the consultation and the board meeting).

With the Full Package Incorporation Kit , Mr. Nassiri also personally assists you in obtaining the EIN number from the IRS, he fillsout your seller’s permit application and he also fills out your Statement of Information. If you do not believe you need our attorneys assistance in obtaining these items, then “Start Your Own Collective Kit” is for you.

What’s Included “Start Your Own Collective Kit” “Full Package Incorporation Kit”
Articles of Incorporation including filing fee X X
By Laws X X
Appointment of Initial Directors and Officers X X
Minutes For Your First Board of Directors Meeting X X
Written Instructions on how to obtain your EIN number over the phone with IRS X
Written Instructions on how to fill out and obtain the Seller’s Permit Application to obtain a Seller’s Permit (i.e. no Personal Assistance or Board of Directors Meeting with Attorney) X
We personally obtain your EIN number from the IRS over the phone with you during your first board of directors meeting X
We personally assist you in filling out the Seller’s Permit Application during your first board of directors meeting and personally instruct you on how to obtain the Seller’s Permit X
Membership Application for Registering New Patients into the collective X X
Membership Rules and Guidelines for New Patients Enrollment X X
Grower’s Agreement X X
Transporter’s Agreement X X
Operations Manual X X
Employee Handbook X X
Verification Script X X
HIPAA authorization X X
Caregiver Form X X



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