Legal Compliance, Business Consulting and Other Services

Many Southern California collectives/dispensaries and their owners have retained CANNABIS LAW GROUP for its medical marijuana consulting and advice regarding their medical marijuana businesses. Our attorneys routinely provide advice and consultation regarding the following issues:

  • Possible violations and/or compliance with the Controlled Substances Act,
  • Possible violations and/or compliance with the Compassionate Use Act,
  • Possible violations and/or compliance with the Medical Marijuana Program Act,
  • The Attorney General’s Guidelines,
  • Relevant state and federal statutes, case law and common law as well as claims that may be made for or against you in a criminal and/or civil action, and
  • Advice regarding issues affecting our client’s growing, cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana

We can also provide advice regarding potential rights and remedies available to you, including but not limited to injunctive relief, statutory damages, actual damages and attorney’s fees, should you be involved in any civil or criminal lawsuits.

Transactional Legal Services: CANNABIS LAW GROUP may be retained to provide various transactional legal services at your request including contract drafting, contract negotiation and/or contract review. This can included lease drafting, negotiation and review. Among the transactional legal services offered by CANNABIS LAW GROUP are:

  • Corporation formations, operations and transitions,
  • Partnership Agreements,
  • Purchase Agreements,
  • Employment Agreements,
  • Deferred Compensation and Qualified Plans, and
  • Counsel for Non-Profit Corporations.

Public Relations: CANNABIS LAW GROUP is available to negotiate on behalf of, or represent your interests before City, County and State officials, including mayors, city council members, city planners, police chiefs and city attorneys. This includes administrative appeals regarding business licenses.

Training and Education: CANNABIS LAW GROUP is available to train collective board members and employees on various aspects of the medical marijuana business, from various operation procedures to compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

Marketing: CANNABIS LAW GROUP has various resources and contacts within the medical marijuana community and has assisted other clients in their efforts to maximize their business operations and increase their rate of return. CANNABIS LAW GROUP can assist you in many facets, including negotiating for acquisitions and investments on behalf of the Client’s nonprofit corporation. Attorney can provide assistance with marketing ideas and implementation, web design and web strategy, interviewing potential employees, negotiations with potential and existing vendors and quality enforcement.

CANNABIS LAW GROUP can provide its clients with affordable representation that is designed to fit your budget. We can provide affordable hourly billing or a flat fee for a group of specific services.

Please call CANNABIS LAW GROUP at 949-375-4734 now to set up an appointment with one of our attorneys.

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