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Our medical marijuana lawyers offer in person and video consultations to address your questions regarding medical marijuana laws and the medical marijuana industry, including thorough explanation on how collectives can legally operate in the state of California.

The in person consultation typically lasts about an hour to an hour and a half, but I will stay to answer all of your questions. You will meet with me, Damian Nassiri, to discuss the legal issues surrounding medical marijuana dispensaries at the federal, state and local levels. We will answer all of your questions and if you have any particular cities you are looking at, we can provide legal advice.

Attorney Nassiri is now offering a Recorded video consultation, called “How To Start And Run a Medical Marijuana Collective in compliance with California laws. In this video, you can watch Mr. Nassiri's medical marijuana collective consultation from the comfort of your own home. The video consultation is over an hour long and Mr. Nassiri presents you with all of the same information that is presented at his live consultation. If normal business hours are inconvenient for you, or if you prefer to receive this information on your own schedule, watch the video consultation now for only $99. You may pay with pay pal or any major credit card.

Whether you do the in person or video consultation, your consultation fee is later credited towards your incorporation fee, should you elect to have us incorporate your nonprofit mutual benefit corporation under the laws of the State of California, specifically the CUA and MMPA, codified at Health & Safety Code Section 11362.775.

Our full package medical marijuana incorporation service includes incorporating your business as a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, appointment of initial directors and officer, your first board meeting and a corporate binder. Also included are documents you can use for your nonprofit operation, including a Collective Membership Agreement, Rules and Regulations, Grower’s Agreement, Transporter's Agreement, Employee Handbook, Operations Manual, Verification Script, HIPAA authorization and Caregiver Form.

All documents are designed to give the patient with records which documents the patients efforts to comply with the California Medical Marijuana Act and the California Medical Marijuana Program. Clients are advised that due to the evolving and unsettled nature of cannabis laws, there are no guarantees that attorney work product will provide client with immunity from arrest. The California Medical Marijuana Program provides patients with an affirmative defense to state criminal charges if state laws are followed. Our consultation and document preparation services are designed to comport with the available laws at the time of the consultation. However, clients are advised to retain attorney to keep client updated with all changes and updates in medical marijuana law.

Call the medical marijuana lawyers at CANNABIS LAW GROUP at 714-937-2050 to set up an appointment to consult with Attorney Damian Nassiri today. We can meet with you in person or by telephonic conference call or even by the fee online video conferencing service, Skype.

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