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On March 31, 2021, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the MRTA, or “Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act”, which legalized adult-use cannabis in the state of New York and set the state on the path towards licensing and regulating cannabis businesses such as cultivation, manufacturing and retail sales of cannabis and cannabis products. The MRTA creates the “Office of Cannabis Management” or OCM to implement a comprehensive regulatory framework that will cover medical, adult-use, and cannabinoid hemp.

The MRTA creates a new framework to regulate the production and sale of cannabis in the state of New York. The Office of Cannabis Management, which is a now a division within New York’s Alcohol and Beverage Control, will draft the cannabis rules and regulations that cannabis business owners and operators will follow as part of the state’s new cannabis licensing scheme. The OCM will now draft the rules setting forth such things as licensing requirements, fees, zoning, ect. Licensed categories will include cultivation, processing, distribution, retail dispensaries, consumption sites and delivery. Nursery and microbusiness licenses will be also be available. In addition, the state will offer a cooperative license, which would allow groups of individuals the ability to cultivate and process their own cannabis products.

Cannabis Law Group’s attorneys have helped many clients obtain cannabis business licenses, starting with California, which passed Proposition 64 in 2016. Since then, our cannabis license attorneys have helped clients obtain many cannabis business licenses, including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail cannabis licenses in many cities and counties. Our experienced attorneys know what it takes to obtain both your local and state cannabis licenses.

Our New York cannabis license attorneys can consult with you and help you draft a business plan for investors. Investors will typically want to see a business plan that projects future profits of your cannabis business venture, among other things. Our New York cannabis license attorneys can consult with you and inform you as to the steps that you will need to take to prepare for the cannabis licensing process in New York. After New York’s Regulation and Tax Act is signed into law, it will take several months for the legislators to draft the rules and regulation for New York’s new cannabis industry. During this time, you will want to get a head start on your competition by becoming as informed as possible.

Our cannabis law firm has been representing cannabis business owners since 2009. Our New York cannabis license attorneys have been helping clients prepare cannabis license applications since 2016. With our experience in the cannabis industry, we can guide you through the process and prepare the documents that are necessary to obtain a cannabis business license in New York.

We will advise you and your New York cannabis company on the licensing process, which cities and counties are offering cannabis licenses, as well as the taxes and fees associated with obtaining a cannabis license. We can walk you through the licensing process and prepare business plans, Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures, Cultivation Plans, Distribution Plans, Manufacturing Plans, and Retail Plans. Our cannabis attorneys can advise you as to real estate issues, business formation, branding and intellectual property. We can draft contracts for your New York cannabis business such as Partnership Agreements, Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements and Master Grower Agreements, among others.

The MRTA will impose certain taxes on each segment of the new cannabis industry. Our cannabis attorneys can advise you on the taxes as well as licensing fees. In addition, the MRTA allows cities the ability to opt out of the new law, so it will be important to focus on cities that will be offering a cannabis license in New York. Any opt-out by the cities will need be passed by December 31, 2021. Our cannabis license attorneys can advise you on which cities and counties will be offering cannabis licensing and what you will need to do in order to obtain the license.

Since we are based in California, we have been practicing cannabis business law since 2009 and have the experience to guide you through New York’s cannabis licensing process. Call today at 949-375-4734 to set up a consultation and find out more about our New York cannabis license application services.

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