Non - Profit Corporate Maintenance

After incorporating, you will quickly need to become familiar with the formalities of corporate life, such as annual board of director meetings and preparing minutes of formal corporate meetings. Running a business involves ongoing attention to details and paperwork. After you have set up a corporation of any kind, your organization should act like one to protect yourself and your business. CANNABIS LAW GROUP can assist you with your corporate maintenance as well.

Although filing your articles of incorporation with the California Secretary of State brings the corporation into existences as a legal entity, this is not enough to be treated as a valid corporate entity in court and for tax purposes. Your new legal corporate status allows the state to treat your organization as an entity apart from its directors, officers, and employees. Your new corporate entity insulates the people behind the corporation from certain tax ramifications and lawsuits.

CANNABIS LAW GROUP can help you run your new corporation effectively and to avoid unnecessary problems. We can hold regular and special meetings of your board as required by your bylaws and as necessary to take formal corporate action.

The attorneys at CANNABIS LAW GROUP help prepare careful planning strategies for our clients, which includes drafting conflict of interest policies, provisions providing for the indemnification of officers and directors, and other “best practice” policies that will help your collective defend your non profit status should it come under attack from local, state or federal government agencies.

If you are in need of corporate maintenance assistance for your medical marijuana business, please call CANNABIS LAW GROUP at 949-375-4734 now to set up an appointment with one of our attorneys.

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