Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Incorporation Services

Offering "Full Package" Incorporation Services and "Do It Yourself" Incorporation Packages.

Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Services for Your Medical Marijuana Collective

After you have had your medical marijuana collective consultation with us, retain CANNABIS LAW GROUP to incorporate your medical marijuana collective as a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation. Under California law, a non profit mutual benefit corporation can be used to form either a storefront collective, mobile dispensary or delivery service. We offer "Full Package" Incorporation Services (More Info Below) as well as a "Do It Yourself" Packages (click here for more information).

"Full Package" Incorporation Services

Our full package incorporation service includes incorporating your medical marijuana collective as a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation. This includes filing of the articles of incorporation and the filing fees. Also included are your first board of directors meeting, where we appoint the corporations officers and directors. We prepare the corporate bylaws, and minutes from the first meeting of the board of directors where we appointment the initial directors and officers of the corporation and provide you with a corporate minutes book. Lastly, we also help you fill out the Seller's Permit application so that you can pay sales tax, and we also assist you in obtaining an EIN number with the IRS.

Also included in our full package are all of the documents you need to run your dispensary in compliance with the available laws. These documents include: Membership Rules and Application, Grower's Agreement, Transporter Agreement, Employee Handbook, Operations Manual, Verification Script, HIPAA authorization and Caregiver Form. These documents are designed to help you comply with California state laws.

Your medical marijuana consultation and all the documents that you will need (and that we can provide) to run a collective on a day-to-day basis are designed by CANNABIS LAW GROUP to comply with the Compassionate Use Act (Proposition 215), the Medical Marijuana Program Act (SB420) and Health & Safety Code S11362.5, et sec as well as current case law.

CANNABIS LAW GROUP would like to advise all of it clients and potential clients that due to the evolving nature of the medical marijuana industry, any forms provided by CANNABIS LAW GROUP will, from time to time, need to be updated and/or changed. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to, current cases in the California Superior Court system and on appeal, whose rulings could directly affect Client's future business operations.

If you are considering incorporating your medical marijuana business, please call CANNABIS LAW GROUP at 949-375-4734 now to set up an appointment with one of our medical marijuana attorneys.

Nonprofit mutual benefit incorporation services

Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Incorporation Services
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