Probation Modification

If you are on probation or parole, we may be able to obtain a modification of your probation with the Court which could result in your probation being modified so that you can smoke marijuana while you are on probation.

A "probation modification" is when the Judge orders a change in the terms of your probation that result in your ability to use marijuana legally while you are on probation. Our lawyers' representation may result in a modification of your terms of probation.

Most people who face criminal charges end up being placed on probation or parole. Most people on probation and/or parole are not allowed to smoke marijuana while they are on probation. This is because marijuana is still considered a drug by law enforcement. If you want to smoke marijuana while on probation, call our lawyers today as we have helped other patients like you before and may be able to do the same for you.

If you are a medical marijuana patient, we can represent you in a court proceeding where we go before a judge and request that you be allowed to medicate while you are on probation or parole. This may sound crazy, but it is actually possible and we have done it many times before as it is part of the law:

Pursuant to Health & Safety Code S 11362.795 (a) (1), "Any criminal defendant who is eligible to use marijuana pursuant to Section 11362.5 may request that the court confirm that he or she is allowed to use medical marijuana while he or she is on probation or released on bail."

If you had a recommendation from a doctor to use medical marijuana before your arrest, we may be able to have a judge order your probation modified so that you can in fact use medical marijuana to treat your symptoms. Even if you did not have a recommendation for medical marijuana before you were arrested, we can still make this request to the judge once you obtain a recommendation. If you suffer from a serious medical condition in California, you qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation.

If you are facing criminal charges now, you will likely be ordered to submit to random drug tests as part of your probation. The time to act is now. Stop worrying and get peace of mind because if you test dirty, you will likely go back to jail. Call today to speak with us about your legal options. Call us now at 949-375-4734.

If you are on probation or released on bail and you are a seriously ill Californian that needs to use medical marijuana for medical purposes but cannot because of your current terms of probation, CANNABIS LAW GROUP is here to help you.

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