Sales/Offer To Sell/Transportation - Health and Safety Code §11360(a) & Possession of Marijuana for Sale - Health and Safety Code §11359

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If you have been arrested for marijuana possession, sales, and/or possession with intent to sell, our marijuana defense attorneys are here to help you. Our lawyers focus on these types of marijuana charges and know what it takes to defend them as well.

Call CANNABIS LAW GROUP today at 949-375-4734. Our marijuana defense attorneys are up to speed on all the marijuana laws, including all of California’s medical marijuana laws. We will consult with you regarding your case and tell you how we think we can help.

Remember, “Sales/Offer To Sell/Transportation of Marijuana” is a felony in California, which is punishable by 2-4 years in state prison. “Possession with intent to sell” is also a felony and is punishable by 16 months to 3 years.

Many medical marijuana collective operators and growers are unfortunately being charged with possession with intent to sell. If you a grower for a medical marijuana collective, or are transporting medicine for the collective, CANNABIS LAW GROUP may be able to get the charges dismissed or reduced.

If you are charged with possession or possession with intent to sell marijuana and are not part of a collective, we can still help you fight your case. Call us today for a free consultation and we will evaluate your case and let you know how we can fight your case and/or negotiate a plea agreement on your behalf to avoid jail time.

Remember, the District Attorney can still charge you with possession of marijuana with intent to sell even if the police officer fails to witness you attempting to make a sale. The prosecutor can use circumstantial evidence to prove the case.

Circumstantial evidence can include: large quantities of marijuana, large quantities of cash, weapons or receipt books found with the marijuana or on your person at the time of the arrest. If the police conducted an unlawful search and seizure, we may be able to have evidence suppressed, which weakens the District Attorney’s case and could lead to a dismissal.

So don’t wait any longer, call the Orange County marijuana criminal defense attorneys at CANNABIS LAW GROUP today at 949-375-4734 and speak with one of our attorneys today. Our fees are reasonable and we accept credit cards. Our firm also has payment plans available.

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